About TAB Services

TAB Services, Ltd. is a digital transcription company based in Israel. The company was incorporated in November 2005. Our team of transcribers are transcribing digital audio files, in English, primarily from the legal sector. Currently we have almost 50 transcribers and editors living throughout Israel.

What is digital transcription?

Transcription is the art of listening to a digital recording and typing the audio content into a written record. Having a written record of what transpired in a legal proceeding is critical as this becomes part of the official record of the case and would be relied upon in subsequent hearings or appeals.

What is a legal transcriber?

The role of a legal transcriber is to prepare a verbatim transcript from electronic audio recordings. This can range from typing dictation of a legal document to transcribing a courtroom proceeding with a panel of seven judges and as many lawyers.

What is scoping?

Scoping with TAB Services is the process of producing a client-ready transcript from an autogenerated draft. Scopists are provided with a draft that was generated using audio-to-Word software. The scopist then proofreads the draft by listening to the audio to find and correct errors in words and formats in order to produce a clean and accurate final transcript.

At TAB Services, our focus is on transcribing courtroom proceedings, hearings, and depositions.

A legal transcriber must maintain 98% accuracy while meeting stringent deadlines. Typical hearings have several participants requiring the transcriber to properly identify every speaker. The transcriber is also responsible for producing a transcript with proper formatting, legal terminology, spellings, and punctuation. Oftentimes, this involves researching via the Internet.

The transcript produced is the legal record of that proceeding; thus the legal transcriber is responsible for ensuring that the transcript is an accurate reflection of what took place.