Benefits & Requirements

Requirements of a TAB Services Transcriber:

  • A Native U.S. English speaker with U.S. citizenship as required by the U.S. Courts
  • An Israel Citizen with Israel ID Number
  • Transcription Experience
  • Commitment to transcribe at least 60 audio minutes per day.
  • Work at home office space set up including high speed Internet
  • A licensed copy of Word 2010 or higher and Windows

Benefits of being a TAB Services Transcriber:

  • Work at home opportunity
  • Flexible full time hours (6-8 hours per day)
  • Part time opportunities available
  • Salaried Employee based on a per page rate
  • Full Benefits including paid vacation days, paid sick days (according to Israel law), paid holiday days, relaxation payment (Havra’a), severance pay account, pension plan with matching company payment
  • Paid on time every month
  • Paid via Direct Deposit straight into your bank account
  • Foot Pedal provided to increase efficiency and ease of transcription
  • Template provided for ease of formatting rules and set up
  • Training - In office as well as online training
  • Google Document Library for immediate access and references
  • Buddy/Mentor to review your work and be available to answer your questions
  • No work on Sabbath or Jewish holiday (Chag) Days
  • Very supportive work environment